Plutonium Man Triathlon


PlBibName RepresentingAge Division Interval TimeTime BackTotal Time
1987 TWISTED BLISTERSC. Loera, E. Stout, P. LeeOpen Relay00:12:25.8+0:0000:12:25.8
2983 OUT OF RETIRE A-MANA. Stites, J. Devere, J. NeewayOpen Relay00:12:26.2+0:00.400:12:26.2
3982 ONE LUNG RECKLESS TIL. Djang, J. Burke, G. BuckhoOpen Relay00:12:28.6+0:02.800:12:28.6
4979 GREENIES CHICKSR. Burghart, T. BissonFemale Relay00:13:03.2+0:37.400:13:03.2
5978 GREENIESS. Hanson, L. Papenfuss, T. BissonCo-Ed Relay00:13:03.5+0:37.700:13:03.5
6988 TWO DIVAS AND A DUDER. Tucker, A. Grigg, K. WarnerCo-Ed Relay00:13:20.9+0:55.100:13:20.9
7991 CLAYBROOK MEADOWS OCJ. Ochoa, K. Meadows, J. OchoaCo-Ed Relay00:14:01.5+1:35.700:14:01.5
8984 P9 SHARKSS. Sant, C. Griffiths, J. MerrillCo-Ed Relay00:14:03.1+1:37.300:14:03.1
9986 TRI-CHICKSK. Claybrook, N. Teeples, M. TeeplesFemale Relay00:14:18.9+1:53.100:14:18.9
10990 CLARK-WRIGHTA. Clark, A. WrightCo-Ed Relay00:14:32.6+2:06.800:14:32.6
11985 THE SHIPG. Blankenship, E. Blankenship, B. BlankenshipCo-Ed Relay00:16:58.6+4:32.800:16:58.6
12977 FOXY OXENA. Kuchler, W. Smith, D. HughesCo-Ed Relay00:17:29.3+5:03.500:17:29.3
13976 BROWN BROSB. Brown, M. BrownOpen Relay00:17:35.1+5:09.300:17:35.1
14989 EDLER-RHOTENL. Edler, G. RhotenCo-Ed Relay00:19:01.8+6:36.000:19:01.8
15981 MIGHTY MIGHTY MARMOTC. Dennis, J. BorganCo-Ed Relay00:22:11.5+9:45.700:22:11.5