Power of Pasco Triathlon


PlBibName RepresentingAge Division Interval TimeTime BackTotal Time
1937 GOLDEN TWINKIESE. Hansen, M. HansenSprint Relay Coed00:01:42.800+0:0000:13:58.4
2941 THREE TO GOC. Loera, E. Torres, K. SamuelsonSprint Relay Coed00:02:07.200+0:24.400:14:05.7
3938 GREENIESS. Hanson, L. Papenfuss, T. BissonSprint Relay Coed00:02:09.800+0:27.000:12:16.9
4940 ONE LUNG RECKLESS ANL. Djang, J. Burke, R. DjangSprint Relay Coed00:02:26.200+0:16.400:11:53.0
5936 FOXY OXENA. Kuchler, T. Kuchler, W. SmithSprint Relay Coed00:03:30.700+1:04.500:19:40.2