2016 Outclimb Cancer Challenge


PlBibNameRepresenting Age DivisionLapsFinal TimeTime BackPaceAdjustmentLap
1278John VOSNOSWELLS FARGO STAIR STEPPERSM 60 and over000:05:51.1100:00:00.000
2172Jim TURNBULLPUT THE CLIMB IN THE COCONUTM 60 and over000:08:22.6300:02:31.520
3101Emanuel KOURNIANOSM 60 and over000:08:52.7900:03:01.680
4291Dennis HEMONDSOUTH MAIN CLINIC STAIR MASTERSM 60 and over000:08:58.5500:03:07.440
5308T. Richard DAVISLUV HART TEAMM 60 and over000:11:16.9700:05:25.860
6220Dennis DICKERSONM 60 and over000:23:08.2800:17:17.170
7197George BURNHAMWEST COAST LABELS - X GYMM 60 and over000:28:23.1700:22:32.060