2016 Outclimb Cancer Challenge


PlBibNameRepresenting Age DivisionLapsFinal TimeTime BackPaceAdjustmentLap
1217Madeline SANTANGELOSOUTH MAIN CLINIC STAIR MASTERSF 19 and under000:06:48.5800:00:00.000
2348Peyton HALLF 19 and under000:06:51.3200:00:02.740
3171Aili TUPOUFINISH STRONGF 19 and under000:06:56.5600:00:07.980
4324Ruth HUNTERMORGAN STANLEY STAIR CLIMBERSF 19 and under000:07:02.4500:00:13.870
5188Randie HANSENCLIMBING FOOLSF 19 and under000:07:13.9100:00:25.330
6331Vanessa MANRIQUEZFINISH STRONGF 19 and under000:07:41.6600:00:53.080
7216Isabel SANTANGELOSOUTH MAIN CLINIC STAIR MASTERSF 19 and under000:08:08.1400:01:19.560
8349Tatum HALLF 19 and under000:08:15.4800:01:26.900
9140Allison POWELLSQUAWKBOX SOUNDF 19 and under000:08:50.6500:02:02.070
1086Sadie JACOBSONTHE JACOBSONSF 19 and under000:08:58.9300:02:10.350
11191Alexus HYATT-SATTIEWHITELUV HART TEAMF 19 and under000:08:59.5900:02:11.010
1284Caitlin JACOBSONTHE JACOBSONSF 19 and under000:09:02.4000:02:13.820
1334Julia CUNNINGHAMSOUTH MAIN CLINIC STAIR MASTERSF 19 and under000:09:26.4700:02:37.890
14253Taysia DOPSONMASCOTS & MIRACLESF 19 and under000:10:10.3400:03:21.760
15363Emaya MATAELEF 19 and under000:10:26.7300:03:38.150
16204Rylee MCCULLOUGHWELLS FARGO STAIR STEPPERSF 19 and under000:10:27.1000:03:38.520
17190Gabrielle HYATTLUV HART TEAMF 19 and under000:11:09.9900:04:21.410
18293Madison PASCHALLTEAM BANKSF 19 and under000:11:22.1400:04:33.560
1975Hanna HOBSON-ROHRERSOUTH MAIN CLINIC STAIR MASTERSF 19 and under000:14:01.2100:07:12.630
2054Erica FREELANDWELLS FARGO STAIR STEPPERSF 19 and under000:14:12.7000:07:24.120