2016 Outclimb Cancer Challenge - Climb Count


PlBibNameRepresenting Age DivisionLapsFinal TimeTime BackPaceAdjustment
159Luke GILMORETO HELL WITH CANCER!M 19 and under1102:51:43.9400:17:11.000
2206Jacob MCCULLOUGHWELLS FARGO STAIR STEPPERSM 19 and under705:41:03.5103:06:30.570
3287Isaak KNUTSENLUV HART TEAMM 19 and under503:01:41.3200:27:08.380
4192Ben NICHOLSDEALER SOCKETM 19 and under504:18:10.0901:43:37.150
5247Gaven PETERSENSAGEWOOD AT DAYBREAKM 19 and under504:41:42.1102:07:09.170
6322Ethan AUSTINR_TEAMM 19 and under403:08:59.9900:34:27.050
7347Blake FIDELMANM 19 and under404:01:10.3901:26:37.450
826Michael CHANDLERWELLS FARGO STAIR STEPPERSM 19 and under305:20:04.3802:45:31.440
985Jordan JACOBSONTHE JACOBSONSM 19 and under305:38:23.6003:03:50.660
10205Gage MCCULLOUGHWELLS FARGO STAIR STEPPERSM 19 and under203:21:43.7400:47:10.800
11350Jeremiah HALLM 19 and under203:32:37.9500:58:05.010
1276Peter HOBSON-ROHRERSOUTH MAIN CLINIC STAIR MASTERSM 19 and under204:01:10.0301:26:37.090
13218Lucien SANTANGELOSOUTH MAIN CLINIC STAIR MASTERSM 19 and under204:14:48.4901:40:15.550
1425David CHANDLERWELLS FARGO STAIR STEPPERSM 19 and under204:54:46.2102:20:13.270
1544Stein EMBLEYFINISH STRONGM 19 and under205:13:11.2902:38:38.350
16141Samuel POWELLSQUAWKBOX SOUNDM 19 and under102:34:32.9400:00:00.000
17202Shinnosuke HUNTERMORGAN STANLEY STAIR CLIMBERSM 19 and under103:30:04.1100:55:31.170
18175Chase WALKERFINISH STRONGM 19 and under104:41:56.5502:07:23.610
19312Garret MAYCOCKFINISH STRONGM 19 and under104:41:57.3502:07:24.410
20283Spencer ISKOWFINISH STRONGM 19 and under104:42:51.2002:08:18.260
21343Caleb PARRYFINISH STRONGM 19 and under104:44:20.5502:09:47.610
22128Damien MONTOYAFINISH STRONGM 19 and under104:44:34.6402:10:01.700