The Spokenya Run


PlBibNameRepresenting Age DivisionLapsFinal TimeTime BackPaceAdjustment
1210Bas HOLLANDMale 9 and Under000:34:05.500:00:00.000
2373Andrew SCHAFERMale 9 and Under000:48:19.200:14:13.700
3177Chevelle GARCIAMale 9 and Under000:52:56.400:18:50.900
4472Kenny WATERSMale 9 and Under000:54:43.800:20:38.300
528Grant BARNES-HIGDONMale 9 and Under001:00:18.400:26:12.900
6331Caleb PRATTMale 9 and Under001:09:09.500:35:04.000
77Mason ALLENMale 9 and Under001:09:54.500:35:49.000
429Parker SWANSONMale 9 and Under0DNF00:00.0
101Landon CLEGGMale 9 and Under0DNS00:00.0
133Jarod CUTCHINMale 9 and Under0DNS00:00.0
134Jarod CUTCHINMale 9 and Under0DNS00:00.0
231Noah JOHNSONMale 9 and Under0DNS00:00.0
275Abraham MATELICHMale 9 and Under0DNS00:00.0